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At The Atlas Institute, we are equipped to diagnose complex nerve pain conditions and create an effective treatment plan.

The Atlas Institute Peripheral Nerve Care in Denver for Head and Neck Nerve Pain

The range of peripheral nerve conditions affecting the head and neck include:

  • Occipital neuralgia: The occipital nerves that run through the scalp can be injured or inflamed, with symptoms that include burning, throbbing, shooting pains, and pain behind the eyes or side of the head, often described as being similar to a migraine or cluster headache.
  • Chronic migraines: Patients who experience fifteen or more headaches each month, lasting for four hours or more, are considered to have chronic migraines. This condition has a terrible impact on day to day life of the patient. At The Atlas Institute, we deliver advanced treatments for chronic migraines.
  • Cranial neuralgia: Cranial neuralgias are a range of nerve conditions that produce shock-like symptoms, often with excruciating pain. Inflammation or pressure on any of the cranial nerves can leave a patient experiencing an array of painful symptoms, including pain while swallowing and talking, changes in the ability to taste, dizziness, or excruciating throat pain.
  • Facial palsy: This condition is characterized by sudden weakness on one side of the face, causing the facial structure on that side to droop.
  • Nerve injuries to head and neck: Damage to the network of nerves to the head and neck can be the result of an auto collision, fall, sports injury, or other impacts to the head or neck, leaving the patient experiencing pain or dysfunction.
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Symptoms of Head and Neck Conditions

The symptoms experienced by patients with head or neck nerve problems include:

  • Weakness or loss of sensation in a facial area*
  • Changes in vision*
  • Changes in movement and sensation in eyes and face*
  • Tingling sensation
  • Voice changes
  • Vision changes, including blurred or double vision
  • Burning sensation in jaw, throat, or neck
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

* Any accute changes in vision, facial weakness, or slurred speech can indicate a medical emergency or symptoms of stroke. You should seek medical attention immediately by calling 911. 


Every patient must be correctly diagnosed to identify the underlying cause of head and neck nerve pain. The first step is to speak with the patient to understand the symptoms, followed by specialized testing.

Many patients come to The Atlas Institute after being passed from doctor to doctor without an accurate diagnosis or an effective treatment plan. Those who suffer head and neck nerve pain should be able to achieve relief. The treatments delivered at our practice involve an accurate diagnosis and directed treatment plan for pain and dysfunction to be dramatically reduced or eliminated. 

The treatments for head and neck nerve pain or dysfunction may include:

  • Specialized nerve pain medications
  • Ultrasound-guided injections
  • Advanced nerve surgeries
  • Steroid injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Nerve decompressions
  • TMR (targeted muscle reinnervation)
  • Nerve transfer surgery
  • Functional muscle transfer

Why Choose The Atlas Institute Peripheral Nerve Care in Denver?

The Atlas Institute is a state-of-the-art nerve practice with the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic technology, offering both nonoperative and operative treatment methods. Our approach is down-to-earth, compassionate, and focused on identifying and treating head and neck nerve-related pain or dysfunction with the most advanced treatments. Head and neck nerve pain can be successfully treated with next-generation treatments, which may include medications, injections, or advanced nerve surgeries. All surgeries are performed by a trustworthy, extremely competent surgeon. Our team at The Atlas Institute understands that the true significance of the pain or dysfunction might not be recognized or believed by other providers. This is often because the medical professional is not equipped to test and identify the source of pain. With an accurate diagnosis and a directed treatment plan, the pain and dysfunction can be decreased or disappear completely. We have advanced training in nerve-specific maladies and deliver the full spectrum of treatments.

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